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What to do in Andros?

Welcome to Andros Island, a hidden gem where adventure meets tranquility. From the rugged trails of lush green mountains to the serene stretches of pristine beaches, Andros offers a diverse array of activities for every type of explorer. Whether you’re hiking through scenic landscapes, discovering cascading waterfalls, or relaxing in charming seaside tavernas, Andros Island invites you to experience its unique blend of natural beauty and local culture. Dive into an unforgettable journey and explore all that Andros has to offer.

Unforgettable Experience

One of the Most Desirable Locations in greece

The greenest island of the cyclades

Hiking trails in Andros
Hiking Trails

Andros’ scenic hiking trails weave through forests, waterfalls, and stunning coastal vistas, offering a diverse and unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Waterfalls in andros

Andros’ captivating waterfalls cascade amidst lush landscapes, creating picturesque scenes that enchant visitors with their natural beauty and serenity.

Museums in Andros

Andros boasts a variety of museums showcasing its rich cultural heritage, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Archaeological Museum, offering insight into the island’s ancient history through its exhibits of artifacts and archaeological findings.

Best beaches in Andros

Andros is blessed with an array of stunning beaches, from the golden sands of Golden Beach and the tranquil coves of Achla Beach to the crystal-clear waters of Tis Grias to Pidima. Whether you seek secluded spots for relaxation or lively shores for water sports, Andros offers a coastal paradise to suit every preference.

Gratiitude Trails

Accessible exclusively through the Bluenigma Hotel and Backpackers, it provides a dedicated spot for skateboarders, bladers, and BMX riders to showcase their skills amidst Andros’ breathtaking scenery, offering an exhilarating experience for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Tavernas in Andros island

Andros is home to charming tavernas that serve up delicious Greek cuisine with a local flair, such as fresh seafood, traditional mezes, and mouthwatering souvlaki. Visitors can savour authentic flavours while soaking in the island’s warm hospitality and picturesque surroundings.

Enigma Bowl in Andros Apoikia
Enigma Bowl

Enigma Bowl in Andros Apoikia is a must-visit destination for skateboarders, bladers, and BMX riders, offering a thrilling experience amidst stunning natural surroundings. With its innovative design and welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to showcase your skills and connect with fellow enthusiasts while enjoying the beauty of Andros.

Events in Andros
Andros Events

Andros hosts a vibrant array of events throughout the year, from traditional festivals like the Andros Festival in August, celebrating local culture with music, dance, and culinary delights, to the Andros Trail Race in spring, attracting outdoor enthusiasts for a challenging trail running experience amidst the island’s stunning landscapes.

Snorkeling & Fishing

Andros offers captivating snorkeling opportunities with its crystal-clear waters, inviting you to discover colorful marine life and stunning underwater landscapes at spots like Achla Beach and Agios Petros.


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