Gratitude trails

Gratitude Trails: Elevate Your Ride Above Apoikia

Nestled on Kakosouli Mountain above Apoikia, Gratitude Trails offers a state-of-the-art concrete park for all wheel sizes. Designed on a gently sloped terrain, our trails provide seamless rides for both novice and seasoned riders. Experience the thrill of biking with a panoramic view of the sea, easily accessible by scenic footpath or convenient car transfer from our nearby hotel. Discover biking bliss on Gratitude Trails, where every turn brings a new perspective.


This summer, we are celebrating 10 years of Gratitude Trails - The Desert

The trails emerged in the riding scene at the beginning of the 90s with the introduction of primitive expression through the hardcore music scene. Initially, we were all hidden in the woods; it was a reaction against progress, motor vehicles, and the futuristic vision of society. Similarly, people in ancient times used to move to the deserts to escape society. Trails are usually made with simple tools, primarily downhill, and it’s a gradual process, one line at a time. They cannot be designed by architects, Ai, or understood by the mainstream riding scene.


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